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Bi-Spectrum Cabin Thermal Camera DS-CS-2007-X Series
Bi-Spectrum Cabin Thermal Camera DS-CS-2007-X Series
Bi-Spectrum Cabin Thermal Camera integrates visible light, infrared thermal imaging and intelligent algorithm. The product is suitable for real-time preview, automatic alarm, data storage and analysis and other important security occasions. It is widely used in the screening of human body temperature in hospitals, airports, subway stations, railway stations and other occasions.With CE/FCC/RoHS,it has been sold large quantities to all over the world such as America, Korea and Spain
  • Accurate Temp Measuring & Clear Image
    Selected High Quality Infrared Thermal Imaging Module; Clearer Images,high quality uncooled focal plane detector
  • Face Detection Algorithm
    Rapid and accurate temperature screening; Patented Temp Measurement Algorithm, Accurate & Efficient Shows the Real Body Temp
  • Non-Contact & Unaware Passing
    Stable Temperature Measurement at Different Distances; Enhances the Recognition Rate of People of Color

Six Software Versions: Chinese, English, American, Spanish, Japanese and Korean

Product Characteristics

Effective & Efficient

Non-Contact Fever Screening & Alarm Solution

Yoseen Intelligent Body Temp Measure 

Non-Contact & Unaware Passing 

Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Auto Fever Detection

Auto Face Recognition

Auto Alarm & Auto Capture

Multi-Targets Monitoring Intelligent Image Algorithm

No false alarms for non-faces

CE & FCC & RoHS etc. International Certifications


Product Parameters





Thermal Imaging Parameters






Frame frequency


Wave band


Temp range



±0.4℃ (without blackbody,stabilize indoor environment);±0.3℃ (with blackbody)

Camera lens



Field angle



Color palette

White heat, black heat, iron red, rainbow, etc

Video output

100M Ethernet, with temp measurement area display

Visual Light Parameters

Image resolution



2 million pixels

Network Function Processing

Data interface

100M dual network output

Video processing


Network protocol


Business functions

Support real-time video transmission; Support image storage

General Specification

Total weight

About 3.5 Kg

Product size


Wiring method

Back wiring

Shell material

Aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Power supply


Working temp

0℃~40℃, humidity <90%


DS-CS-2007-X Series intelligent infrared body temperature monitoring system

It is a non-contact and regional high-efficiency temperature measuring and monitoring system. It can carry out large-scale monitoring in public places with dense flow of people, quickly find out and mark people with high temperature and give an alarm, for example, quickly check the human fevers caused by SARS, Zika and Ebola. Automatic correction, no manual interference, built-in high-precision temperature sensor, completely eliminate the temperature drift, can work stably and reliably for a long time, free from the interference of environmental temperature and other factors. This product is an ideal safety protection equipment for airport port, inspection and quarantine, health and epidemic prevention and other departments.

Product Functions

Quickly find and mark the people with fevers, and automatically alarm at the same time

With the advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, DS-CS-2007-X series can simultaneously monitor the body temperature of a large range of people, respond in milliseconds, quickly find out the people with high body temperature and mark them in red (support rapid multi-individual marking), and immediately send out an alarm signal, so as to easily realize round-the-clock monitoring.

Thermal Camera Face Recognition Detection Infrared Camera Body Temp Imaging termocamera airport thermal imager

Integrate infrared and visible lights into one, with excellent monitoring effect

DS-CS-2007-X Series The uncooled focal plane detector with 384 × 288,160*120 resolution can provide clear infrared thermal images and 1280x960 resolution visible light images. Advanced intelligent image algorithm processing technology, precise temperature measurement technology, multi-objective over temperature monitoring and marking of over temperature objects are adopted.


Software ① The front end does not show the faces

Thermal Camera Face Recognition Detection Infrared Camera Body Temp Imaging termocamera airport thermal imager

Software ② The front end shows the faces



Real time high frequency image capture, storage and transmission

DS-CS-2007-X Series image signal is 50Hz, high frequency makes the image capture not produce the effect of drag and delay, which ensures the real-time monitoring. It can support 24-hour online storage and upload alarm images and videos to the monitoring center through the remote monitoring network for analysis and processing, which is convenient for management.