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Intrinsically Safe Infrared thermal Camera for Coal Mine
Yoseen infrared is a company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of temperature - measuring infrared thermal camera. Our thermal cameras are widely used in human body temperature measurement, metallurgy, power system, security and other fields.
System introduction

1. What Is Intrinsically Safe, Coal Safe Certification?

Safety certification refers to the explosion protection system certification, intrinsically safe certification from according to standard GB 3836.3-2010 production, classification of meant for use by the coal mine explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof electrical appliances are divided into type flameproof, increased safety and intrinsically safe type, intrinsically safe electrical equipment is characterized by all of its circuit is intrinsically safe circuit, namely in normal or fault conditions stipulated in the work of edm and thermal effect are not ignite an explosive mixture of circuit. That is to say, this kind of electric appliance is not explosion-proof by outer shell or filling, but the energy of electric spark or thermal effect produced by its circuit during normal use or failure is less than 0.28mJ, that is, the gas concentration is 8.5% (the most explosion-prone concentration) minimum ignition energy.


Coal safety certification is the abbreviation of coal mine safety certification. In 2007, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Administration of Coal Mine Safety issued the Interim Measures for the Safety Marks of Coal Mine Products and other documents, which implemented the safety production certification system for equipment, instruments, meters and other facilities used in coal mines, effectively preventing fake and substandard products from entering underground. Coal safety certification, in a sense, refers to the electrical products installed in the mine should have a qualification, this and this security certificate are completely different from the two forms, but they are only associated, because the special environment in the mine, the use of electrical products must be explosion-proof. Coal safety is a coal mine system, which includes not only the original safety, but also explosion protection and so on. This safety is used in all walks of life, have this safety certification products can not be used in coal mines.

2. Introduction of Intrinsically Safe & Explosion-Proof Infrared Thermal Camera for Coal Mine

This M series intrinsically safe infrared thermal camera developed by Yoseen Infrared has been tested by Shanghai Institute of Quality technology and issued a report. It conforms to the standards of National Coal Mine Safety Administration and is an intrinsically safe infrared thermal camera for mine use. The product is undergoing the certification of intrinsically safe and coal safety, and the explosion-proof protection standard IP54. M series intrinsically safe infrared thermal camera housing uses reinforced ABS engineering plastic, the weight is only about 100g, convenient and compact. In addition, the product can automatically add multiple or a single hot spot tracking to the monitored object. Once the temperature exceeds the threshold value, the fire control system will be connected immediately and alarm signal will be started, which largely avoids the occurrence of safety accidents. Depends on the other hand, optimal letter explosion-proof type thermal camera (with explosion-proof certificate: Exd T6Gb/IC ExtD A21 IP68 T80 ° C) temperature measurement accuracy, performance is remarkable, applicable to factories with IA, IB, IC T1 ~ T6 group of combustible gas, steam and air to form explosive mixture of 0, 1 zone and 2 zone places as well as the formation of combustible dust in mixture with air of 20, 21, 22 area explosive dangerous location.

thermal camera

4. Thermal Imaging Monitoring System for Underground Coal Mine Operation

Yoseen Infrared supports the monitoring of intrinsically safe briquette and explosion-proof infrared thermal camera, which meets the safety monitoring needs of the coal mine industry. It is equipped with professional system software with automatic retrieval function and linkage alarm function. The thermal imaging monitoring system for underground coal mine operation adopts advanced passive infrared thermal imaging technology, combined with computer processing technology and automatic control technology, which ensures monitoring at any time during the day and night, clear imaging under zero illumination and over temperature alarm. Yoseen infrared thermal camera adopts infrared camera to monitor the measured objects in real time. The supporting software interface has a double-light fusion mode, which can not only see the temperature distribution, but also see the actual condition of the object surface. The system is different from the point-type infrared thermometer (which can only monitor the temperature at a certain point). It can cover the surface of the measured object without leakage and monitor the change of the surface temperature of the measured object. Automatically track and analyze the single or multiple "hot spots" of the monitored object. Once the temperature exceeds the threshold or there is a combustion, an alarm signal will be issued, and the fire control system will be connected to start the corresponding measures.

technical parameter

3. Real Scenes and Features of Product Application

The specific application scope of the infrared thermal camera for this coal and mine includes

1. Check distribution and location of hidden fire sources underground;

2. Check the permeable water of roof and mining area;

3. Check all kinds of electrical and power equipment for potential accidents;

4. The misfire.

5. Seek help in the mine disaster;

6. Test the ignition of waste hill on the ground

In mines, coal piles, coal, coal powder transmission and other places, even under bad conditions, infrared thermal camera can still observe the heat in the field of view, no contact, fast use.


Product Features

★ Small size, light weight, weight only about 100g, about 2 eggs;

★ Through dust, deep hidden dangers, the use of accurate temperature measurement technology, imaging clear;

★ No contact can be accurate detection, multi-point heat source tracking, linkage fire alarm system;

★ Standard movement interface, convenient integration, high cost performance, economic and practical;

Support CVBS and HDMI interface video output;

★ Supporting professional software, providing data analysis and management

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