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Battery Warehouse Thermal Imaging Orbital Robot Monitoring System
Yoseen infrared is a company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of temperature - measuring infrared thermal camera. Our thermal cameras are widely used in human body temperature measurement, metallurgy, power system, security and other fields.
System introduction

1. Application Background

Lithium battery is a kind of battery made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as anode material and using non-aqueous electrolyte solution. It mainly relies on lithium ions moving between the positive and negative electrodes to work. With the development of new energy technology and technology, lithium batteries are more and more widely used due to their chargability and high energy density. The electrolyte inside the lithium ion battery is flammable liquid, and the electrode is combustible material. In the case of overcharge, short circuit, overheat, puncture or collision, the lithium battery will lose control of heat, which is easy to catch fire or even explode. According to incomplete statistics, there are dozens of serious fire accidents in the lithium battery industry every year, which are distributed in the production, transportation, application, recycling and other links of lithium ion battery. These fire incidents show the industry that it is urgent to solve the safety production problem of lithium battery, and the safety management in the production process, storage and application end becomes more critical.

2. Customer Demand

This project is lithium battery storage warehouse monitoring. When lithium battery is stored in the warehouse, short circuit will easily cause heat and fire. The process of lithium battery heating and fire is very fast, which makes it difficult for conventional smoke and temperature sensors to detect the problems in time. When the problems are found, they have caused great economic losses and even threatened the life safety of staff. Since the warehouse of this project is 154.8 meters long, 60 meters wide, and 2 meters high for stacking batteries, it covers a large area and has a wide monitoring range. Considering cost control, it is necessary to provide a rail robot fire monitoring system, so that problems can be found early in the abnormal temperature of lithium batteries and relevant responsible personnel can be notified in a timely manner.


3. Solutions

This project adopts the orbital robot to carry infrared and visible light at the same time, and completes the temperature detection of the battery warehouse through the robot to set the cruise route. Infrared combined with visible light can better locate the high temperature area, convenient for staff inspection. At the same time, the number of equipment can be reduced and the cost can be reduced by installing the track robot. The biggest feature of this set of solutions is that the track robot is used for inspection, and all digitized. The front end uses infrared thermal camera, which is transmitted through Ethernet. The digital signal is transmitted to the computer through optical receiver, and the video image is stored and displayed in real time through the monitor. The biggest characteristic of this set of solutions is that the system is all digitized, the front end USES the infrared thermal camera, the network is convenient, the late positioning expansion and the system upgrade is convenient.

Thermal Imaging Orbital Robot Monitoring System

4. System Characteristics


1) The inspection robot with sliding contact power supply and integrated transmission technology has a repetitive positioning accuracy of ±2mm and smooth operation without jamming; 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, no need to wait for charging.

2)Automatic cruise function system provides a variety of automatic patrol plan and scheme, and realizes fully automatic operation. It can patrol the lithium battery warehouse several times a day, reducing the number of visits to the site and improving the work efficiency of staff.

3)Double-light image, auxiliary detection

The single network wire transmits infrared temperature and visible light image at the same time, the network bandwidth occupies low, the network is flexible.

4) Abnormal early warning and linkage alarm disposal

Different alarm levels can be set according to the temperature of the battery warehouse, and the robot can be given local acoustooptic warning and control center acoustooptic warning.

When the warehouse environment reaches the alarm parameters, fire, abnormal equipment at the inspection point, communication system failure, robot disconnected and other abnormal situations, the system will automatically alarm. When the staff determines the alarm information, the system can cancel the relevant alarm.

Battery Warehouse thermal imaging Monitoring

5) Fire detection and emergency treatment

Through inspection robot with a double light equipment, infrared equipment to identify temperature anomaly area, visible light auxiliary personnel positioning, found that the temperature anomaly or suspected fire location in time, if by the software system analysis point, whether to need to have a joint fire control system, after confirmation of ignition, send fire alarm to the local monitoring platform, at the same time inspection robot will move to a safe area.

6) Generate reports automatically

When the system software discovers temperature anomalies, a report with infrared and visible images will be automatically generated to record the temperature in the temperature measuring area for later viewing.

technical parameter

Big Bi-Spectrum Globular Thermal Camera integrates visible light, infrared thermal imaging, high-performance turntable and intelligent algorithm into one, which is suitable for important security occasions requiring real-time preview, preset detection, automatic alarm, data storage and analysis, such as power monitoring, hazardous chemicals monitoring, fire monitoring and so on.
  • AGC automatic gain adjustment, 3D DNR, DDE;
    Single network cable can transmit infrared temp and visible light images at the same time, support various kinds of NVR, low network bandwidth, flexible network
  • Real time monitoring & automatic early warning;
    Stable operation, adapt to bad weather, support automatic cruise and automatic alarm
  • Unattended with the remote management platform
    All kinds of alarm, safety and equipment operation status records


Support multistage pyrotechnic detection;

AGC automatic gain adjustment, 3D DNR, DDE;

360°continuous rotation horizontally;

Unattended with the remote management platform;

Real time monitoring & automatic early warning;

Bind temp information and set patrol route in preset position


Product Applications

Security, inspection and quarantine, warehouse, wildlife protection, robot, power


Product Parameters





Thermal Imaging Parameters






Frame frequency



Wave band


Temp range


Camera lens

Support multiple camera options

Temp measuring ways


Points & areas measuring

Temperature display

Global high and low temp tracking, point/line/polygon temp measuring templates, multiple objects can be added, set independent threshold range, sampling period and draw historical temp curve template, set multiple shielding areas


Focus Mode

Electric/manual, electric lens supports autofocus


Image enhancement

Adaptive drawing, manual enhancement, electronic zoom


Color palette

White hot, black hot, iron red, red saturated, user-defined and others



Video output

100M Ethernet +PAL analog video, with temp measurement area display

Digital zoom

x2, x4


Visible Light Parameters


Image resolution




2 million pixels


Sensor type

1/2.8’’ Progressive Scan CMOS


Camera lens

20x optical zoom, f=4.7-94mm/ 30x optical zoom, f=4.3-129mm

Horizontal view angle

61.4°~2.9° (wide angle - far view)

65.1°~2.34°  (wide angle - far view)

Close range

10mm~1500mm (wide angle - far view)

Zoom speed

About 1s

MIN illumination

Color: 0.05lux, black and white: 0.01lux, white light or infrared supplementary light: 0Lux

Holder Performance


Autonomous platform software, or HAIKANG client, or 485 line

Communication interface


Network output

Command control

The motion direction, angle, speed, preset position, cruise scan and initial action of power on of the holder can be controlled by software function interface

Preset points

256 preset points, accuracy < 0.05 °


Cruise scanning

6 pieces, each can set 16 preset positions, preset time adjustable

Automatic focus speed control

The control speed is automatically adjusted according to the length of the focal length of the white light


Vertical angle

-15°(look down) ~ +90°(look up)


Horizontal angle

360°continuous rotation, without monitoring blind area

Vertical rotation velocity


Keying 100°/S, manual 0.5° ~ 80°/S

Horizontal rotation velocity


Keying 100°/S, manual 0.5° ~ 80°/S

AUTO rollover function

Achieve 180° automatic rollover continuous monitoring in vertical direction

Power  on operation


The initial action of power on the product can be set

Installation way

Supports vertical and upside-down installing


Support double LED supplementary lights

Network Function Processing

Data interface

100M dual network output

Video processing


Image output

Main stream: 1280 x 720; Sub code stream :640 x 360, 352 x 288


Network protocol



Business functions

Support WEB configuration, OSD, real-time video transmission,  movement detection and IO alarm linkage front-end storage,  front-end storage playback/download, movement detection and IO alarm center alert and screen pop up linkage, MJPEG capture, unified client remote monitoring software, MYEYE platform and others; Provide complete SDK development kit (including JAVA)


General Specification

Total weight




Built-in interchanger, single cable


Wiring method

Side outlet line or bottom outlet line is optional, side outlet line is aviation socket and aviation line, bottom outlet line is center hole lead line


Shell material

Magnesium alloy



The paint surface of the machine is even and smooth without dropping paint


Protective lens

The double optical path has protective lens, including the germanium lens for infrared


Power supply

DC12V, power consumption of the whole machine<50W


Protection level

IP67, TVS 3000V anti-lightning, anti-surge, anti-surge. EMC meets CE/FCC standard


Working temp

-20℃~45℃, humidity <90%


Secondary Development

Software support

Provide complete related software or SDK development kit (including JAVA) for head control, visible light and thermal camera.

Product Applications

Security, inspection and quarantine, warehouse, wildlife protection, robot, power


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