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Power Distribution Cabinet Thermal Imaging On-Line Monitorin
Yoseen infrared is a company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of temperature - measuring infrared thermal camera. Our thermal cameras are widely used in human body temperature measurement, metallurgy, power system, security and other fields.
System introduction

1. Project Background

With the rapid development of China's basic industry, the load of power transformation and consumption increases year by year, and the safe and stable operation and reliability of the distribution cabinet are more important. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power distribution cabinet, put an end to contact and in the operation of the parent brand overheating caused by short circuit, grounding caused by the major power equipment accident, our company developed the thermal imaging monitoring system of power distribution ark, it is based on the advanced infrared thermal imaging technology of non-contact temperature measuring system, integrating infrared, visible light and intelligent algorithm, small volume, feature-rich, can effectively distinguish between distribution cabinets connector wiring overheating and short circuit fire accident hidden danger, at the same time testing the temperature to the early predictions, performed to provide effective guarantee for power equipment.


2. Customer Demand

The project needs to monitor the safety of 16 power distribution cabinets, including dry transformer cabinets, low-voltage capacitor cabinets and cable rooms of high-voltage cabinets, etc. The power distribution cabinets are 1.7 meters high, 0.8m wide and 0.6m deep, and the temperature measuring range

- 20 ~ 150 ℃.

Each distribution cabinet is installed with a thermal imaging dual-spectrum card camera to monitor the temperature change of the entire distribution cabinet and send an alarm when abnormal temperature occurs to remind relevant staff to timely arrange maintenance, so as to realize the temperature monitoring of the distribution cabinet.

thermal imaging camera

3. Solutions

The project site installed 16 Yoseen infrared dual-spectrum card-type thermal imaging  cameras, camera +NVR system, all digital, video image storage, and real-time display visible and infrared images through the display. The main features of this system are long transmission distance, digitized system, convenient networking, late point expansion and system upgrade.

4. System Characteristics

1) Dual-band image fusion

The 160*120 resolution infrared module is combined with the 5 million pixel visible light module, and dual-band image fusion technology is adopted to make the picture clear and accurate.

2) Three image storage modes

Infrared/visible images are stored separately; Simultaneous storage of infrared/visible images; Infrared/visible fusion image storage.

3) Small volume, high cost performance

The camera size is 104mm×64mm×27mm, small and light, can be installed in a closed small space, the price is cheap.

4) Abnormal early warning and linkage alarm disposal

Different alarm levels are set according to the temperature of the distribution cabinet, and the local acousto-optic early warning and monitoring center software alarm are guaranteed.

When the distribution cabinet environment reaches the alarm parameters, abnormal equipment, communication system failure and other abnormal conditions, the system will automatically alarm, when the staff determines the alarm information, the system can remove the relevant alarm.

Power Cabinet Online Temp Monitoring System

The power cabinet is prone to surface oxidation and corrosion, loose fastening bolts, connection aging and other problems. Many equipments are overloaded for long term, which causes high temp of the problem contacts, and then oxidation acceleration, and even melting, combustion, explosion and other accidents, causing irreparable losses. The system is non-contact temp measuring by thermal camera, when the temp is exceeded or three-phase imbalance occurs, the software will give local and remote alarms, and warn the operator disposing precursor to failure timely, which has importance to the equipment and the safe and stable operation of power system.



①Yoseen bi-spectrum thermal camera adopted, with multi-band imaging techniques, supporting infrared and visible images both

②After the wide angle lens optimization, the monitoring range is larger and wider

③Thin and light product, easily put into the narrow cabinet

④Professional analysis software, real-time data analysis and intelligent alarm linkage

⑤With storage function, data can be used for secondary analysis

technical parameter

It is mall size,various FOV, cost-effective and can be seamless access to mainstream security NVR, supports IE browsing & data broadband network adaptive with professional data analysis and management software




Product Applications

Power and cabinet, warehouse, battery room, coal pile and others


Technical Parameters






Infrared resolution




Pixel size


Frame frequency



Working band


Camera lens

1.8mm: 86°x 65°;3.1mm: 50°x 38°; 6.2mm: 25°x 19°

Temp range


Temp accuracy

±2℃ or ±2%



Image enhancement

Adaptive drawing, manual enhancement



Color palette

White hot, black hot, iron red, red saturated, user-defined and others


Temp measurement model

6 movable temp measurement areas, with the highest, the lowest and the average, can be compared with those temps of other points or areas, three-phase temp measurement

Set 1 global temp measurement, 16 local temp measurement, 8 shielding areas, support high and low temp tracking

Video output

100M Ethernet +PAL analog video, with temp measurement area display

Visible light parameter

Image resolution





Built-in LED supplementary light

Image storage

Image format  1.PNG or BMP or JPG with temp information;2. H.264 standard video format

Image storage mode 1. Infrared/visible images stored separately;2. Infrared/visible images stored simultaneously;3. Infrared/visible fusion image storage

Storage medium     Built-in storage (optional)

Electrical interface

Power supply



100 M Ethernet, support TCP/ IP, ONVIF, etc.

Analog video


General specification

Dimensions  104mm*57mm*30mm(L*W*H)

Protection grade         IP 65

Operating temperature     -10℃~50℃


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