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Professional Handheld Thermal Camera——Yoseen HA Series
Professional Handheld Thermal Camera——Yoseen HA Series
Product Functional Features Intelligent analysis software with report generation 4.3" HD touch screen Bi-spectrum image enhancement Additional lens extension Laser ranger, auto focus, GPS, etc. Automatic high/ low temp pixel tracking Anti-drop, designed for 2m
  • Intelligent analysis software with report generation
  • Bi-spectrum image enhancement
  • Laser ranger, auto focus, GPS, etc.

Technical Parameters


Optical Parameters

FOV    24.6*18.6 (Support wide-angle lens & lens extension )

IR resolution  640*480  384*288

Focus length   25mm    15mm

Focus   Electrical

Frame rate   30Hz

Pixel pitch   17um

Spectral Range   8-14um  

NETD     ≤50mk@25℃

Accuracy   ±2℃,or ±2%

Visual camera   5M pixels with LEDs



Laser ranger    Class 2, precision 0.05-40 m, 1% of measured distance

Tripod Mounting   UNC 1/4"-20

Other    Altitude meter, GPS

Voice    60 seconds built-in microphone and speaker on still images and video

Display  4.3 HD touch screen(sunlight, wide viewing)


Measurement Mode

Area Measuring        Support

Area Temperature Info.   Support

Measurement Calibration  Support 

Measurement Presets    No measurement, center spot, hot spot, cold spot

Measuring Range     -20-600℃, up to 1600℃

Laser Range Measurement   Support on screen

Temperature Tracking  Support high/low pixel tracking in the area


Environmental Parameters

Atmospheric Transfer Correction   Input values on distance, atmospheric temp and relative humidity

Emissivity Correction     Variable from 0.01 to 1.0

Emissivity Table    Pre-defined material emissivity

Enclosure Rating     IP54

Humidty (Operating and Storage)   0% to 95% non-condensing

Operating Temperature Range   -15℃~50℃


Battery and Interface

Operating Time   ≥4 hours at 25℃ (68℉) for typical use 

Battery Type    Lithium battery, charged in camera or on separate charger

Battery Capacity   7.4V 2200mAH

Resistance to Dropping        Designed for 2m

Storage          Support micro SD card (32GB)

USB            USB 3.0

Video           HDMI

Wireless         WIFI

Charger Adaptor   DC12V 3A power adaptor with AC220V input