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UAV Load Thermal Camera
UAV Load Thermal Camera
①The airborne thermal camera has strong adaptability and accuracy, especially in abnormal weather and steep terrain. The uav inspection can make up for the inconvenience and low efficiency of manual operation. ②Uav inspection is 40 times higher than manual inspection in efficiency. Transmission line inspection with airborne thermal camera not only improves the efficiency of power maintenance, but also reduces the manual intensity and labor cost to ensure electricity consumption safety. ③With fast speed, high efficiency, rapid response and timely discovery,it avoids the blind area of manual operation and provides accurate information in time from a 360°inspection to avoid safety accidents and property losses.
  • Strong adaptability and accuracy
  • 40 times higher than manual inspection in efficiency
  • 360°inspection to avoid safety accidents and property losses

Electrical interface

Yoseen M-series infrared thermal camera includes power input, Ethernet, analog video, GPIO and other electrical interfaces, the interface electrical specifications are as follows:

Interface Name

Electrical Specification


It is allowed to input 9~15V dc power supply with ripple less than 200mV, with internal over voltage and reverse connection protection. If the input voltage is too high, the protection circuit will fail

Power light

The power indicator is green when working normally


Standard 100/1000m Ethernet interface, RJ45 specification. When the thermal camera is successfully reset by input to the factory setting, the yellow and green indicator light will turn on after briefly extinguishing at the same time.

Analog video Interface

NTSC/PAL support, lead access. Analog video shall be enabled in the software before analog video signals can be output on this port



Conforming to the standard RS485 electrical specification, it can communicate or network with other RS485 supporting devices, such as cradle head, PC, GPS module, etc. RS232-TTL supports UART communication standard of 3.3v level standard

PWM channel

Support 4 flight control PWM channel, and accessible to common flight control system

Electric lens interface


Support 12V power electric camera lens

I0 input trigger

1 magnetic isolation input, when the input level is at [0,1]V, input logic 0; When the input level is at [1,3.3]V, input logic 1

When the input time of logic 0 exceeds 6 seconds, the thermal camera returns to factory settings

Button trigger

Press the external button 6 seconds long to reset the thermal camera and restore factory settings

TF card slot

Support external expansion TF card, up to 32GB


System land, a common ground wire that acts as a system interconnection

Model Parameters






Infrared resolution




Pixel size


Frame frequency





Wave band


Field angle

See "Yoseen X-series Thermal Camera list" for Details

Angular resolution

Temp range


Temp accuracy

±2℃ or ±2%, can be raised to ±0.4℃




Common Parameter

Imaging distance

About 20 focal lengths to infinity

Temp measuring template

                                                                                                                                                                                                           High and low temp tracking, point/line/polygon temp tracking in template, set multiple shielding areas

Image enhancement

Adaptive drawing, manual enhancement, electronic zoom

Color palette

White hot, black hot, iron red, red saturated, user-defined and others

Focus Mode

Electric/manual, electric lens supports autofocus


Single frame temp

PNG / BMP/ JPG image format with temperature information


Temp flow

Total radiant temperature information storage

Digital video

H.264, RTSP stream media protocol, MP4 files, HDMI output interface

Data storage

Support TF card expansion and storage, up to 32GB

Electrical interface

Power supply

DC9~15V, typical power consumption 2.5W@25℃

Analog video

NTSC/PAL compound video output 


100/1000 Base, TCP, UDP, IP, DHCP, RTSP, ONVIF, etc.,provide SDK development kit

Serial port

RS485, support Pelco control protocol

Electric lens

12V power lens


1 magnetic isolation input, 1 relay output

Environmental parameters

operating temp


Storage temp



Non - Condensing 10%~95%

Shell protection


Impact resistance


Vibration resistance


Mechanical parameter


100g/82g(excluding lens)


56(L)*42(W)*42(H)mm/43(L)*42(W)*42(H)mm(excluding lens)


4 M2 mounting holes on the front and 2*4 M3 mounting holes on the side with 1/4 unc-20 head adapter



Yoseen X-series Thermal camera Temp Range List


                                    Temp Range                                                 

                                        Temp Accuracy