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Battery Workshop Infrared Thermal Robot Inspection Scheme
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System introduction

1. Overview

With the rapid development of economic level and science and technology, industrial enterprises, as the main body of social and economic operation, have higher and higher requirements for safety prevention, and the monitoring system plays an increasingly important role. The factory has a large scale, complex production and management departments, and high safety requirements. The combination of field monitoring and production command and dispatch in numerous production workshops, special outdoor places and functional departments will greatly improve the level of intelligent management of factories. If any mishap occurs, it will bring great pressure to the society and employees, and even serious consequences.


2. Project Overview

2.1 Project Introduction

As a benchmark enterprise of new energy vehicles in China, a company in Wuhan provides battery system for the global new energy vehicle market. Due to the need of business expansion, there is a temporary workshop with an area close to 9000 square meters for the storage of new energy batteries. Due to the storage of electric energy in the battery, a long time of concentrated stacking may cause battery heating, fire and other conditions. An effective on-site monitoring solution is needed to ensure the personal and property safety of the storage space and the factory.


2.2 Project Environment

In the workshop, the batteries are stored by means of shelves. Each shelf is 6.5m high, and each shelf is divided into 7 layers for goods storage, with an interval of 3.5m. The top view of the factory after the goods are stored is as follows:

Battery Workshop infrared thermal


3. Program Overview

3.1. Scheme Ideas

Both the abnormal heating of the battery in the plant and the potential fire risk are accompanied by the temperature change of the goods. Compared with the traditional manual inspection scheme, the monitoring scheme of the infrared thermal imager can effectively monitor the temperature change of the goods and also liberate people. Therefore, this scheme adopts the infrared thermal camera to monitor the temperature of the workshop to ensure the safety of the workshop and the goods. The most prominent feature of this scheme is that it is all digitized. The front end USES infrared thermal imager, which is transmitted through Ethernet, and the digital signal is transmitted to NVR through switch and optical receiver for video image storage and real-time display through display.


3.2. Scheme Considerations

In view of the different ways of stacking cargo space in the workshop, generally speaking, we have two ways of installation, namely fixed installation and mobile rail installation.

According to the actual situation of the project, we should also take the following considerations into account: reliability: the reliability of the scheme design is the root of the feasibility of the scheme; For this project, the reliability of the scheme mainly lies in the comprehensiveness of plant monitoring and the reliability of information transmission network. The overall monitoring of the plant can be resolved through the selection of the type and number of surveillance lenses. About the reliability of information transmission network, mobile rail type installation needs must use wireless network transmission way, although the plant fixed installation method can meet the demand of the reliability of project design, the shelf is too high, but because of the plant by monitoring the lens choice of the type and quantity can really solve the factory monitoring comprehensive, do no dead Angle of stacking battery monitoring will be numerous monitoring camera that will inevitably lead to significantly enhance the cost of the project. For the sake of economical completion of the project, no fixed installation method is adopted.

 Infrared Thermal Robot Inspection

Rail mounted & Fixed Mounted

3.3 Project Plan

Considering various factors and combining with the emerging technologies, the construction of this project is finally completed by means of wireless private network transmission with infrared thermal camera as the core and patrol robot as the carrier.

Due to the large size of the battery and its layering on the shelf, in order for the robot to efficiently complete the inspection of the workshop, 7 thermal imaging cameras will be attached to the robot for the inspection of the shelf according to the height of the shelf.


4. Detailed Design of Project Scheme

This monitoring system is mainly responsible for all-weather monitoring of the batteries stored in the workshop. When the temperature exceeds the set value, it will send an alarm to ensure safety.


4.1 Product Selection

Each shelf is 6.5 meters high and 3.5 meters apart. 7 layers of batteries are stacked on each shelf. It is required to comprehensively monitor the stored batteries.

5. System Characteristics

1) Integrated sliding contact power supply and transmission technology

Patrol robot repeated positioning accuracy ±2mm, smooth operation without stuck; 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, no need to wait for charging.


2) Automatic Cruise Function

The system provides a variety of automatic inspection plans and schemes, achieving fully automatic operation. It can inspect the lithium battery warehouse several times a day, reducing the number of visits to the site and improving the work efficiency of staff.


3) Double-light Image, Auxiliary Detection

Single network wire transmits infrared temperature and visible light image at the same time.


4) Abnormal Early Warning and Linkage Alarm Disposal

Different alarm levels can be set according to the temperature of the battery warehouse, and the robot can be given local acoustooptic warning and monitoring center acoustooptic warning.

When the warehouse environment reaches the alarm parameters, fire, abnormal equipment at the inspection point, communication system failure, robot disconnected and other abnormal situations, the system will automatically alarm. When the staff determines the alarm information, the system can cancel the relevant alarm.


5) Fire Detection and Emergency Treatment

Through inspection robot with a double light equipment, infrared thermal camera to identify temperature anomaly area, visible light auxiliary personnel positioning, found that the temperature anomaly or suspected fire location in time, if by the software system analysis point, whether to need to have a joint fire control system, after confirmation of ignition, send fire alarm to the local monitoring platform, at the same time inspection robot will move to a safe area.


6) Generate Reports Automatically

When the system software discovers temperature anomalies, a report with infrared and visible images will be automatically generated to record the temperature in the temperature measuring area for later viewing.

technical parameter

Yoseen M-series infrared thermal cameras are small size, universal and on-line ones those can measure temperature. It has imported detectors, work stably with excellent performance, matched with the unique calibration algorithm for temperature measurement and the user-friendly interface. M-series are small in size, light in weight and rich in interfaces, which make M-series the better choice for quality control, heat source monitoring, security night vision, equipment maintenance, airborne uav and other applications. The M-series infrared thermal camera is equipped with terminal software with rich functions and SDK package that is easy to use. No matter it is used alone or developed with secondary integration, it can meet the differentiated application needs of users.

Model Parameters





Infrared resolution




Pixel size


Frame frequency





Wave band


Field angle

See "Yoseen M-series Thermal Camera list" for Details

Angular resolution

Temp range


Temp accuracy

±2℃ or ±2%, can be raised to ±0.4℃


Common Parameter


Imaging distance

About 20 times focal lengths to infinity

Temp measuring template

High and low temp tracking, point/line/polygon temp tracking in template, set multiple shielding areas

Image intensification

Adaptive drawing, manual enhancement, electronic zoom

Color palette

White hot, black hot, iron red, red saturated, user-defined and others


Focus Mode

Electric/manual, electric lens supports autofocus


Single frame temp

PNG / BMP/ JPG image format with temp information


Temp flow

Total radiant temp information storage

Digital video

H.264, support RTSP streaming media protocol, MP4 files,  HDMI output interface

Data storage

Support TF card expansion and storage, up to 32GB

Electrical interface

Power supply

DC9~15V, typical power consumption 2.5W@25℃

Analog video



100/1000 Base, support TCP, UDP, IP, DHCP, RTSP, ONVIF,  etc.,provide SDK development kit

Serial port

RS485/RS232-TTL, support uav flight control serial port , S-bus


4 way flight control PWM input

Electric lens

12V power lens


1 magnetic isolation input: 0, input voltage below 1V; 1, input voltage 1~ 3.3V 

Environmental parameters

Operating temp


Storage temp



Non - Condensing 10%~95%

Shell protection


Impact resistance


Vibration resistance


Mechanical parameter


100g/82g(excluding lens)


56(L)*42(W)*42(H)mm/43(L)*42(W)*42(H)mm(excluding lens)


4 M2 mounting holes on the front and 2*4 M3 mounting holes on the side with 1/4 unc-20 head adapter



Yoseen M-series Thermal camera Temp Range List


Temp Range 

 Temp Accuracy 









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