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Thermal Imaging Explosion-Proof Monitoring System for Petrol
Yoseen infrared is a company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of temperature - measuring infrared thermal camera. Our thermal cameras are widely used in human body temperature measurement, metallurgy, power system, security and other fields.
System introduction

Petroleum chemical production is different from other industry, the characteristics of many important devices are working under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and for the most is the process cycle run long, plus the petrochemical production itself inherent risk (inflammable, explosive), the industrial production has always attached great importance to the production process, strict monitoring of security and reliability of the device itself inspection and regular shutdown maintenance. At the same time, as a comprehensive enterprise, in addition to the normal petrochemical equipment, there are auxiliary equipment such as electricity, electrical appliances and raw material chemical. Infrared thermal imaging system is an ideal choice for early detection of problems, safe operation and long service life of equipment. Infrared thermal camera imaging principle is based on temperature difference to imaging, as long as the measured object has a temperature difference of 0.05 degrees, infrared thermal camera monitoring system can distinguish it and imaging intuitive display.


System Overview

Crude oil, refined oil, natural gas, and refined or synthetic chemical raw materials are inflammable and explosive articles. In the process of production, storage and transportation, it is very easy to cause fire, explosion and other safety hazards. Any ignition or unusually high temperatures are a cause for alarm. Infrared thermal camera can not only detect the ignition on the body, but also detect foreign fire entering the restricted area. Infrared thermal imaging technology is a non-contact temperature measurement of high-tech detection technology, its collection of photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology, image processing technology, by receiving the infrared radiation emitted by objects, its thermal image display on the screen, so as to accurately judge the temperature distribution on the surface of the object, has the advantages of accurate, real-time and fast. It is especially suitable for such large space and open air monitoring to provide early warning signal of fire with intuitive thermal image. Cooperate with the existing means, the customer's fire protection system will be more perfect to the monitoring of safety hidden trouble.


Infrared thermal imaging system consists of front-end thermal image acquisition system, data transmission system, data analysis server and client. With visual, remote view, no contact, 24 hours real-time monitoring and warning and other characteristics, can avoid the timely discovery of heavy losses. Infrared thermal cameras applied in petroleum and petrochemical refining plant: In the refining plant, the thermal imager continuously scans and detects the operating area, warns and locates the abnormal high temperature area, and prevents leakage and explosion events; Oil and gas storage: In the tank area and transfer station, the thermal imager monitors the tank body, valve body, pipeline and isolation zone to prevent the ignition of oil and gas leakage;

Oil and Gas Transportation

The flammable gas is most likely to leak into the air during oil and gas transfer. Use thermal image to monitor the working area, and start alarm immediately if any external fire or abnormal temperature is found;

Chemical storage: In a large storage warehouse for chemical products, only a few thermal imagers can cover a warehouse, providing reliable and stable early fire warning with approximately zero false positives.


Monitor the Status of Key Equipment

Key equipment condition monitoring Compressor, reactor and so on are the key equipment in petrochemical industry. Temperature is one of the important indicators to reflect the working state of the system. By monitoring the temperature distribution on the surface of the equipment, the working state of the equipment can be understood immediately. Once the system temperature is abnormal, an alarm will be given immediately to prevent the equipment from going down, which will lead to production interruption and threaten production safety. The reactor is usually operated under high temperature and high pressure, and the consequences of accidents are often very serious. Real-time monitoring of the temperature field on the outer surface of the reactor and analysis of its temperature variation potential, can evaluate the internal refractory thickness or scaling, and help managers to make production and maintenance plans; At the same time, it can avoid accidents.


Monitoring of Hot Oil Leakage in Waste Liquid Incinerator

In the production process of chemical enterprises, a large amount of organic waste liquid is produced, which is mainly treated by waste liquid incinerator. There are risks in the hot oil circulation system, such as hot oil leakage in the hot oil pump body, hot oil leakage in the furnace head pipeline, and oil leakage in the Swaglok instrument group gauge head. If not found in time, the hot oil will easily cause fire once it comes into contact with the high-temperature furnace body, threatening the safety of the plant.


The infrared thermal image monitoring system can monitor these key locations 24/7. By setting the temperature threshold or temperature rise rate, the leakage danger can be discovered in time and an alarm can be given to inform the person in charge to deal with it in time so as to avoid fire.


Equipment Inspection and Status Maintenance

Electrical equipment and distribution systems in petrochemical enterprises, including high voltage contactors, fuse plates, main power circuit breaker plates, contactors, and all distribution lines, motors, transformers, etc., may have latent heat hazards that, if not detected in time, may cause unplanned equipment shutdowns or even fire.


Perimeter Security Monitoring

Oil depots, gas stations and refining and chemical plants are all safe places. Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to approach or enter. The current security situation is grim, these security centers are likely to become the target of attacks. At present, perimeter protection is mainly carried out by electronic fence plus vibration cable or infrared radiation. However, excessively high false alarm rate causes headache for duty staff and managers, so that the alarm function is directly turned off in most cases. Some places will also be equipped with CCTV hd cameras for surveillance, but in dark or foggy weather, CCTV surveillance will be completely useless, and the personnel on duty must have a strong sense of responsibility, otherwise, criminals may "walk" into "restricted areas".

The User Benefit

Infrared thermal imaging monitoring system has low false alarm rate, wide monitoring range, self-defined perimeter and automatic intrusion alarm. It can also carry out security protection for perimeter even in the dark and foggy weather of "invisible fingers". Gas leak detection refineries need the help of cutting-edge technology to ensure absolute environmental and operational safety. Infrared thermographs can also be used to identify volatile organic compound (VOC) leakage sources to ensure timely repair of leaking components. The most advanced VOC detection means can ensure the enterprise to improve the safety of operation, improve production efficiency and maximize the elimination of all kinds of leakage potential, do a good job of prevention and remedial measures.

technical parameter

Bi-Spectrum Explosion-proof Thermal Camera integrates visible light, infrared thermal imaging, high-performance turntable and intelligent algorithm into one. The product is suitable for dangerous and severe environments

  • With small volume and light weight
    Highly integrated explosion-proof head, explosion-proof thermal camera and explosion-proof decoder, with small volume and light weight
  • Made of stainless steel
    Made of stainless steel, the window is made of tempered glass and germanium glass with double-sided waterproof coating, which has good shielding and cooling effect
  • Accurate temperature measurement
    Accurate temperature measurement, clear images and supports high-definition transmission of visible light.













Thermal Imaging Parameters






Frame frequency



Wave band


Temp range


Camera lens

Support multiple camera options

Temp measuring ways


Points & areas measuring

Temperature display

Global high and low temp tracking, point/line/polygon temp measuring templates,  multiple objects can be added, set independent threshold range, sampling period and draw historical temp curve template, set multiple shielding areas


Focus Mode

Electric/manual, electric lens supports autofocus


Image enhancement

Adaptive drawing, manual enhancement, electronic zoom


Color palette

White hot, black hot, iron red, red saturated, user-defined and others



Video output

100M Ethernet +PAL analog video, with temp measurement area display

Digital zoom

x2, x4

Visible Light Parameters


Visible Light Parameters


Image resolution




2 million pixels


Sensor type

1/2.8’’ Progressive Scan CMOS

Camera lens

20x optical zoom, f=4.7 ~ 94mm

Horizontal view angle

61.4°~2.9° (wide angle - far view)

Close range

10mm~1500mm (wide angle - far view)

MIN illumination


Holder Performance


Autonomous platform software, or HAIKANG client, or 485 line

Communication interface


Network output

Command control

The motion direction, angle, speed, preset position, cruise scan and initial action of power on of the holder can be controlled by software function interface

Preset points

256 preset points

Cruise scanning

Pelco-P, pelco-D protocol 1; When operating with the OSD menu, all protocols can be set to 8, and 80 cruise points can be added to each cruise line

Automatic focus speed control

The control speed is automatically adjusted according to the length of the focal length of the white light


Vertical angle

-90°(look down) ~ +90°(look up)


Horizontal angle

360°continuous rotation, without monitoring blind area

Vertical  rotation velocity



Horizontal rotation velocity




Support double LED supplementary lights

Network Function Processing

Data interface

100M dual network output

Video processing


Image output

Main stream: 1280 x 720; Sub code stream :640 x 360, 352 x 288

Network protocol


Business functions

Support WEB configuration, OSD, real-time video transmission,  movement detection and IO alarm linkage front-end storage,  front-end storage playback/download, movement detection and IO alarm center alert and screen pop up linkage,MJPEG capture,unified client remote monitoring software, MYEYE platform and others; Provide complete SDK development kit (including JAVA)

General Specification

Total weight


Product size



Built-in interchanger, single cable

Wiring method

side wiring

Shield material

Stainless steel 304/316/316L

Load mode

Double side load

Front window

Nanometer double-sided coating tempered glass, germanium glass

Power supply

DC24V, power consumption of the whole machine≤80W

Explosion-proof certification


Ex d IIC T6Gb/Ex tD A21 IP67 T80℃ 

Protection level


Working temp

-20℃~45℃, humidity <90%


Secondary Development

Software support

Provide complete related software or SDK development kit (including JAVA) for head control, visible light and thermal camera.


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