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Blast Furnace Infrared Thermal Imaging Monitoring Scheme
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1. Blast Furnace Iron-making

Iron and steel, as food for industry, is an indispensable and important resource in floor construction and railway construction. There are basically two processes for the manufacture of iron and steel, one of which is an important process to produce pig iron. Blast furnace iron-making is the main iron-making process used in China. It is a method for the continuous production of liquid pig iron in a vertical reactor, blast furnace, using coke, iron ore (natural ore and sinter and pellets) and flux (limestone and dolomite). Blast furnace iron production process and main equipment diagram


2. Project Requirements

The efficiency and longevity of modern blast furnace are two elements of mutual support and coordination. Large modern blast furnace production requires stable and smooth operation. To extend the life of blast furnace is to extend the life cycle of stable operation of blast furnace. Safety production is above all and important; The effective measures and methods to extend the life of blast furnace to provide its production efficiency should be based on the safety production, which requires an effective monitoring program to monitor the blast furnace wall, timely find out the potential risk of blast furnace wall damage and deal with. professional thermal imaging camera is used to measure the temperature of the blast furnace wall; can set high temperature warning value; When high temperature is detected, it can alarm and record, to ensure blast furnace safety production.


3. Project Site

Investigation after the site investigation found that the light near the blast furnace wall is dark and due to the operation platform, fixed cement column and so on, the blast furnace side space is limited. In addition, the risk of furnace wall damage can occur at every location, so it is necessary to measure the temperature at every point of the furnace wall. The site environment diagram is as follows:

blast furnace safety production


4. Infrared Thermal Imaging Monitoring Scheme

Its temperature measuring imaging method has the following features: real-time display temperature without visible light interference at various points within the detection range tracking temperature anomaly and automatic alarm infrared thermal images of the above characteristics of blast furnace can well meet the needs of the project, by installing infrared thermal imager to blast furnace wall temperature, each point of blast furnace wall temperature measurement, when the measured temperature value is higher than set warning value, after the backend software that can perform the alarm and record, will be the potential risk of blast furnace wall damaged kill in the bud, ensure the safety of blast furnace iron-making production. The wall of the blast furnace is covered by selecting the appropriate type and quantity of thermal imager, and then the thermal image is transmitted to the computer monitored at the back end through the network for easy observation and recording.


The Network Topology Diagram is As Follows:

  • Low power operation, faster startup, more accurate temperature measurement;
  • Ethernet output, low bandwidth occupancy, large-scale deployment and cluster monitoring;
  • Data transmission and remote control can be completed by one network cable.
  • Customized non-thermal lens is not affected by environmental temperature difference to image clearly, and accurate temperature measurement;
  • Over-temperature automatic alarm, automatic capture, video, can save the temperature stream data and playback;
  • It supports image multicast and broadcast, and can collect digital image with temperature data from multiple points at the same time.
  • Equipped with professional online monitoring software and offline analysis software to support historical data analysis


Infrared Thermal Imaging Monitoring Scheme

5. Project Summary

By means of temperature monitoring by infrared thermal camera special for blast furnace, the contradiction between the production efficiency and the safety of blast furnace iron-making is effectively solved, the life of blast furnace is extended while the safety of production is ensured, and the production efficiency of blast furnace is improved.

technical parameter

  • High sensitivity, run stably in complex environment
  • Small entrance, parts replace easily, low repair cost
  • Professional industry monitoring software, complex business can be carried out

Product Applications

Blast furnace burden surface, steel ladle, converter monitoring and others in harsh environment






Infrared resolution




Pixel size


Frame frequency



Working band


Field angle

100°* 78°, diagonal 115 °

Temperature range

80~800℃, 160-1600℃ (customizable)

Temperature accuracy

±2℃ or ±2%, can be raised to ±0.4℃





Imaging distance

About 20 times focal lengths to infinity

Temp measuring template

Global high and low temp tracking, point/line/rectangle/ellipse temp measuring template, and tracking in template

Image enhancement

Adaptive drawing, manual enhancement, electronic zoom

Color palette

White hot, black hot, iron red, red saturated, user-defined and others


Focus Mode

Electric/manual, electric lens supports autofocus


Single frame temp

PNG / BMP/ JPG image format with temperature information


Temperature flow

Total radiant temperature information storage

Digital video

H.264, RTSP stream media protocol, MP4 files, HDMI output interface

Electrical interface

Power supply

DC9~15V, typical power consumption 2.5W@25℃

Analog video

NTSC/PAL compound video output 


100/1000 Base, TCP, UDP, IP, DHCP, RTSP, ONVIF, etc.,provide SDK development kit

Environmental parameters


Non - Condensing 10%~95%

Temp range

Operating temp: -10~+60℃, Storage temp: -40ºC~+85℃

Level of protection

IP54, Impact resistance: 25G, Vibration resistance: 2G 


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