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Slaughterhouse Live Pig Infrared Temperature Monitoring System

2020-11-26 09:16

Slaughterhouse Live Pig Infrared Temperature Monitoring System

1. Project overview

Along with economic development and the progress of science and technology, in order to implement the pig slaughtering industry informatization management, timely discover and deal with illegal behavior, to protect the meat production safety, in-depth to carry out the "safe meat" service system, in inspection, which the pig slaughter, inspection and quarantine, disposal and other key links to install monitoring equipment, implement the daily supervision and information management, disposal, etc.

Pig slaughterhouse online monitoring system is an important component of safety technology system, is a kind of advanced and prevention ability strong comprehensive system, it can be through the infrared thermal imaging detection of each head of pig body temperature, temperature automatic alarm when abnormal, at the same time through the temperature anomaly of visible light camera auxiliary the location of live pigs, is advantageous for the isolation and disposal measures in a timely manner. At the same time, it can also store the image when the alarm occurs, which is convenient for subsequent analysis and processing.

2. Design description

2.1 Overall system architecture design

Live pig slaughterhouse online monitoring system consists of display system, alarm system, network transmission system, video data storage system and so on. It realizes the monitoring and analysis of pig body temperature, automatic alarm recognition, remote centralized monitoring and management of the front end by the monitoring center, data collection, analysis, high temperature point positioning, automatic alarm and other functions of intelligent monitoring of pig slaughtering house through the digital transmission network.

2.2 System Composition

The live pig slaughterhouse online monitoring system is mainly composed of monitoring center, transmission system, front-end monitoring system, front-end display system and front-end alarm system.

Pig slaughterhouse online monitoring system of the front-end for double light equipment, point to point by on-line infrared thermal imager and visible light camera, through the network to transmit data to the monitoring center point to intelligent infrared temperature measurement, image analysis, storage and other auxiliary decision-making, the scene also can through the computer display with temperature information of the infrared and visible light images, external sound and light alarm device at the same time, the temperature abnormality timely remind staff when pigs, rapidly position the pigs and isolation measures.

(1) Monitoring center management system

The main realization of video signal image display, video control, remote control, data compression processing, network transmission, system control management, early warning and database management. To provide command and dispatch personnel with comprehensive, clear, operational, recordable and replayable real-time images of the scene, and to provide networking functions to superior departments

(2) Transmission system

The transmission modes of the monitoring system mainly include cable transmission, optical cable transmission, wireless microwave transmission, etc. Considering the specific situation of the monitoring point, this system intends to adopt the cable transmission mode.


(3) Front-end monitoring system

At the front end, infrared and visible light devices are used for simultaneous monitoring. Infrared thermography is used to measure pig temperature, visible light is used to display pig temperature and identify pig position, and temperature tracking can also be carried out.

(4) Front-end display system

Since the monitoring center is far away from the front monitoring and control point, it is difficult to control and command in real time. Therefore, the front monitoring and control point is equipped with a computer to display infrared and visible images in real time, so that the staff can timely find pigs with abnormal temperature and take emergency measures.

(5) Front-end alarm system

Alarm temperature is set through the system software. When the temperature of the pig exceeds the set temperature, the front-end acousioptic alarm device will send out sound and light signals to remind the on-site staff and eliminate abnormal situations.

3. System installation and layout

There are 5 key areas to be monitored in the project site, and 1 dual-light device shall be installed in each area:

thermal camera; Pig Infrared Temperature Monitoring

Installation diagram of inlet equipment

thermal camera; Pig Infrared Temperature Monitoring


Installation diagram of equipment at the exit

4. Features of on-line thermal imaging monitoring system of pig slaughtering plant

The live pig slaughterhouse online monitoring system can detect the temperature of live pigs in real time and send sound and light alarm signal according to the pre-set warning value, so that the staff can take corresponding measures in time to ensure the health of live pigs in the slaughterhouse. The system has the following advantages:

(1) Rapid temperature measurement: non-contact temperature measurement does not affect the normal activities of pigs, and temperature measurement is accurate and fast, improve work efficiency.

(2) Alarm visualization: provide infrared thermal image and visible image, and watch personnel can quickly locate abnormal temperature of pigs.

High resolution infrared thermal imaging and visible light automatic monitoring: to achieve full coverage of the entrance and exit of slaughterhouse, all-weather monitoring.

Real-time temperature display: infrared and visible light images can display the body temperature of each pig in real time. Visible light can identify the position of each pig more intuitively.

(5) Intelligent analysis and alarm: through the acquired temperature data, the system can intelligently analyze the current state and issue an alarm.

Temperature tracking: In the monitoring process, if the pig temperature anomaly is found, the temperature can be tracked, prompt the staff pig specific location, in order to confirm the abnormal situation and take measures.

High detection accuracy: the infrared thermal imager itself sampling precision than the portable instrument precision and high resolution, easy to timely judge whether the pig body temperature is normal, for accurate judgment and take corresponding measures to fight for precious time.

Today the system has the reliability, real-time high advantages: the use of the system, the natural environment will not have any impact, no matter the wind and rain, or the low temperature and high temperature can achieve uninterrupted automatic monitoring.

Pet-name ruby save manpower: using this system, can automatically at all the temperature monitoring of live pigs, avoid the problem of low efficiency of traditional examination method, enhances the working efficiency of the staff.