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New Energy Battery Warehouse Infrared Thermal Monitoring

2020-11-26 09:32


I. Project background

Lithium battery has the characteristics of long application cycle, small pollution, small volume, high capacity, its demand is increasing, the application field is expanding, the safety problem is also gradually magnified. In recent years, there have been many explosions and fires in lithium battery factories, so it is urgent to solve the safety production problems of lithium battery.


II. Project Overview

The new energy battery factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong province. The warehouse has more than 6,000 storage locations, with 11 shelves, a total length of 41 meters and a total height of about 21 meters. There are altogether 8 stacker machines, which need to monitor the temperature of all batteries in the warehouse. When the battery is short circuited, the battery temperature will rise. The alarm value of the temperature will be set in advance by the infrared monitoring software. When the temperature reaches the set value, an alarm will be sent to remind the staff to take measures to avoid the accident of battery combustion and explosion.


III. System introduction

Two different installation modes can be provided according to the layout of different workshops:

1. Fixed installation: It shall be installed on the wall of the warehouse. To ensure accurate detection of temperature anomalies, the equipment shall be installed in a position close to the battery pack, within 5-10 meters.

Battery Warehouse Infrared Thermal Monitoring; thermal camera

2. Track-type installation: it is installed on both sides of the stacker. When the stacker transports batteries, the batteries shall be monitored.

infrared thermal imaging monitoring; thermal camera

IV. System characteristics

The waste pit monitoring system can monitor the temperature of waste surface in real time, ensure the safety of production, realize unattended at the same time, improve work efficiency. The system features are as follows:

1. Alarm visualization: infrared thermal imaging and visible light images are displayed simultaneously. Staff can quickly locate the alarm position and turn on the fire gun.

2. Automatic cruise: Multiple preset positions can be set by the software to operate in the intelligent way of the machine without supervision.

The cruise is automatically started at a fixed time and the thermal image with temperature information taken during the cruise is saved for later viewing

And offline analysis.

3. Intelligent alarm: During the cruise, if it is found that the temperature is too high or the garbage pit is on fire, it will be released from

Dynamic alarm, through software alarm and sound and light alarm, remind the staff of the specific alarm location and information.

4. Improve efficiency: The system is highly automated and equipped with automatic patrol inspection, intelligent alarm and alarm

Automatic storage of pictures, automatic generation of reports and other functions, reduce the number of personnel patrol, improve personnel work efficiency.