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Infrared Thermal Camera Detects Firebrick Falling Off of Rotary Kiln -- Monitoring and Warning of Rotary Kiln Operation State

2020-12-04 15:22

Rotary kiln is an important equipment for incineration of hazardous waste. Long-term incineration will bring safety hazards and economic losses to the kiln, and affect environmental protection standards, etc. Monitoring the running status of rotary kiln is very necessary. Currently, there are mainly the following problems:

(1) the melting state of hazardous waste combustion, easy to cause coking, and in the tail accumulation of pull ring;

(2) The erosion and falling off of resistant material can easily lead to the exposure, softening and melting of the steel plate, threatening the safety of production;

The measurement of temperature distribution in the combustion center requires high requirements, and the combustion degree should be judged.


The working surface temperature of rotary kiln firebrick is close to the edge gas flow temperature, the working surface temperature is low, the temperature difference between the two ends is more than 400 degrees, so the brick lining will produce a great thermal stress, with high thermal conductivity of refractory materials. The thermal stress generated by the hot end of the firebrick forms an expansion in the ring crack. And the requirement of firebrick lining is to heat one side and heat the other side because of the steel shell and high coefficient of firebrick. Mechanical erosion and wear, the erosion of lining of furnace wall caused by the flow of slag and iron in the furnace cylinder will damage the resistant material inside the rotary kiln. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out status detection on the rotary kiln refractory materials, and it is better to monitor the status during operation, so as to help early detection of the rotary kiln refractory bricks, lining wear and other conditions, avoid greater loss, or even cause serious damage and accidents, and help prevent the occurrence of such problems. It is a very effective measure to use infrared thermal imaging system to monitor the running status of rotary kiln.


Yoseen rotary kiln infrared monitoring software platform and functions


1) All-weather access the full-radiation infrared image stream collected by the front-end thermal imager to the central control room, and check the highest, lowest and average temperature values and point temperatures of each area of the furnace in the real-time screen;

2) Draw the temperature change curve for the real-time screen and display the trend chart of the maximum temperature change at each axial position;

3) Display the temperature field after the kiln wall surface plane is unfolded every turn;

4) The maximum and minimum temperature values of different areas in this week are displayed on the plane expansion diagram;

5) The boundary line of the area can be displayed on the plane expansion diagram, indicating the actual position of the area on the furnace;

6) Automatically generate the maximum temperature change curve of the region to guide the adjustment of the combustion center;

7) The historical temperature curve of the kiln body is automatically generated, and the historical temperature curve of the saved temperature field can be checked to guide compatibility and combustion;

8) According to the combustion process of hazardous waste in rotary kiln, the four zones of drying, pyrolysis, combustion and burnout are divided into different surface wall temperatures;

9) It is convenient for users to manage, and the permission of different people can be set;

10) Analyze the position and status of coking or fireclay shedding inside the positioning rotary kiln;

11) According to the change trend of high temperature belt completed by data processing, display the change of combustion center and use it to guide the adjustment of hazardous waste feed and combustion adjustment;

12) Automatically store the developing temperature field of the rotary kiln for each rotation, including the point temperature, and analyze the refractory materials and coking time;

13) System self-check, automatic reconnection after failure, support remote fault handling, ensure stable and reliable operation of the system;

14) The selection range of no less than 6 palettes;

15) Reserve adaptive combustion optimization interface and software upgrade of rotary kiln in the future, and make the software compatible.