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Iron Water Tank Number Identification Infrared Thermal Imagi

2020-06-12 15:14

I. Overview of the Program


In order to realize the intelligent management of iron water tank, this scheme designs a set of identification system including "identity" identification, data storage and other functions. At the same time, this system can be connected with the infrared thermal imaging system. When the iron water tank passes through the "identity" recognition system and infrared thermal imaging instrument at a constant speed, the "identity" and temperature data information of the iron water tank can be detected, and the historical data in the database can be automatically compared to detect whether there is abnormal temperature and other conditions. The identity information, historical temperature data and usage of each iron water tank can be inquired through the database. The system can realize on-site real-time detection, tank use tracking, the latest identification data record and query functions, effectively reduce the risk of manual operation error, improve production efficiency.

2. Automatic Tank Number Identification System


In the operation of a steel mill, there will be several iron water tanks operating at the same time, in order to facilitate the management of iron water tanks and accurate record analysis of each iron water tank, it is necessary to identify the iron water tank. An electronic label is attached to the iron pitcher. When the iron pitcher passes through a fixed position, it is monitored by microwave antenna, and then recognized by a card reader and transmitted to a PC at the control end. This will not only know the current location of the iron tank, but also can mark it.


3. System Composition


The whole system is composed of tank number automatic identification system, iron water tank transportation system and tank display and temperature monitoring system. The tank number automatic identification system is the foundation, iron water tank transportation system is the focus, and tank display and temperature monitoring system is the core. Identify the tank number through the tank number automatic identification system, and then use each iron water tank in a reasonable and efficient way to ensure production efficiency; At the same time, tank display and temperature monitoring system real-time detection of tank temperature, timely detection of hidden dangers and early warning, to ensure production safety.

4. System Overview


Using radio frequency identification system, the tag unit (RFID) is used to form in molten iron tank car frame identification label, identification unit (RFID read-write device) is used to label described collected and sent to storage unit (database), based on the recognition of iron POTS and iron can match the information in the database, can immediately identify iron can all the basic information, such as size, number, type of use.


Infrared thermal imaging system and the algorithm configuration tank number identification system, the basic information of the system to identify the iron can, on the one hand will be measured by infrared temperature data sent via the data transfer within the central control room to display, on the other hand through the processor to classified storage and temperature data into the corresponding database of iron POTS, formation temperature trend curve.

5. The Technical Requirements

1) High identification accuracy, flexible adaptation to speed, and 99.9% accuracy in the case of 0-10km /h;

2) It is not affected by shielding objects such as dust, oil, vibration, snow, snow, rain, fog, tarps, etc. It has strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability and anti-collision function, and can work all day long;

3) Rewritable label, maintenance-free;

4) Host software and data storage have strong anti-vibration, impact and interference ability, suitable for harsh railway application environment;

5) The host USES TCP/IP protocol for communication and transmits data far, which brings users a variety of choices;

6) Identify automatic error correction technology; This system USES front-end infrared monitoring equipment and RADIO frequency identification equipment to identify the tank number and detect the temperature of iron water tank, and the output data is sent to the monitoring room through optical terminal machine, switch and other equipment. The integrated software interface can display the temperature of the tank, basic information of the iron water tank and the use of the tank, so that the monitoring personnel can identify the current use of the iron water tank at one glance.