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Give Your Car A Full-Body Infrared Checkup with A Thermal Ca

2020-06-19 13:36

Infrared thermal imager has been widely applied in the field of automobile and has a long history, not only can be applied to vehicle daily maintenance detection, and car factories in electrical equipment testing, more can play an important role in automobile research and development production testing, using standard optimal letter infrared thermal imager and supporting system can quickly and effectively and clearly and accurately detect the defect/fault of automobile design, structure, and accurately find the defect/fault points.


1. Automobile Engine Fault Diagnosis

Engine is the core part of automobile, too high or too low temperature will affect the normal operation of the engine, increase fuel consumption, will exacerbate the wear and reduce the service life of the engine. Some subtle defects of engine are not easy to be found by vibration and noise test (e.g. tiny cracks, subtle structural design differences, etc.), but the use of infrared thermal camera can reflect the subtle structural defects into subtle temperature differences, so as to achieve the diagnostic effect that can not be achieved in other ways.

An indirect assessment of engine system performance can be made by observing the exhaust pipe temperature with an infrared thermal camera. If the exhaust pipe temperature is too high, it reflects inadequate fuel combustion. If the temperature distribution of the pipe is uneven, it reflects defects in the structure of the pipe. Compared with the current vibration, pressure, energy consumption, tail gas and other corresponding methods, infrared thermal imaging technology has the advantages of non-contact, no interference, non-destructive, accurate and clear, saving manpower and material resources, and the corresponding temperature characteristics of the fault have clear directivity, can accurately find the fault point.


2. Test Heating Wire of Rear Windshield Glass

After using the infrared thermal camera can help car windshield heating system is more safe and effective, car windshield after heating system is mainly through the glass inside the heat resulting from the resistance heating wire, the uniform distribution on the glass, car development engineer after using infrared thermal image instrument quickly and easily get windshield in the process of resistance wire heating thermal image, analysis of the temperature field distribution of resistance wire, avoid abnormal or uneven distribution of resistance wire resistance, is conducive to circumvent local heat or heat caused by rapid glass damage and even the risk of cracking.

Car Rear Window Heating Wire Detection System mainly using the current through the glass inside of the resistance heating wire and generate heat, uniform distribution on the whole piece of glass, again by infrared thermal imager, through software set the number of car rear window heating wire, testing found that number of exceptions when output report, used for rapid detection of car rear window heating wire broken. The system has the following characteristics: 1.Check the number of heating wires in the rear window of the car; 2. Linkage with PLC to judge whether the heating wire is disconnected or not; 3. Automate and standardize the testing process to improve the testing efficiency.


3. Brake Pad Test

High performance braking comes from a good braking system. An automobile brake system generally includes brake pedals, brake pads, hydraulic circuits, calipers and brake discs. When the driver presses down on the pedal, the hydraulic circuit applies force to calipers fitted with brake pads that snap together and hold the brakes in the wheels, slowing them down. The choice of friction material largely determines the braking performance of brake pad. Temperature is an important factor affecting the performance of brake pad. On the one hand, the temperature affects  performance, wear resistance and other aspects of the brake pads; On the other hand, it reflects the brake braking and wear performance. Therefore, temperature detection is very important in the study of brake pad materials. When the brake pad temperature is too high, the working efficiency will decrease. If the brake pad friction material is too soft, the brake pad temperature will rise sharply after continuous braking, and braking force will drop significantly. On the contrary, if the friction material is too hard, the temperature change trend is relatively slow, will accelerate the brake disc brake disc wear, emergency braking may make the brake friction plate cracking or falling off, and eventually lead to brake failure.

By using the infrared thermal imager, the staff can know the temperature change trend of the entire brake pad and brake system. According to this temperature change trend, the brake condition and wear resistance of the brake pad can be analyzed.


4. Body Air Tightness Test


The quality of the air conditioning system is very important to the car experience, and the overall air tightness of the car body will directly affect the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Air tightness test for cars, open the car air conditioning system is running for a period of time, using the infrared thermal imager to the vehicle's heat map filmed, in case of air leakage at the door, glass connecting, etc, can be seen here and the environment temperature is different, thus can provide accurate analysis to the whole body of air tightness and evaluation.


5. Automobile Exhaust Pipe Detection

Excessive exhaust pipe temperature may reflect inadequate combustion, thus providing an indirect assessment of the working condition of the engine system. If the pipe temperature distribution is not uniform, it can reflect the pipe itself has structural defects. In addition, thermal imager can be used to detect and diagnose the bearing system of automobile chassis, electrical equipment and comfort of automobile body.

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