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Infrared Monitoring System for Animal Temperature Detection

2020-06-17 10:31

I. Current Situation and Background of Breeding Industry

At present, the development of China's animal breeding industry, especially the pig industry, has shown a trend of vigorous development. Chinese people's meat consumption is increasing year by year, and they import a lot of meat from abroad every year to make up for the gap of the domestic animal breeding industry. It can be imagined that China's current demand for the animal breeding industry is still huge. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard and demand, as well as the popularization of large-scale and intensive aquaculture methods, the development of modern aquaculture is in urgent need to keep up with the pace of market demand, improve the level of scientific aquaculture, use advanced modern technology to improve the defects of traditional aquaculture methods, and improve the production ratio of aquaculture. In recent years, bird flu, swine fever and other epidemics have occurred from time to time, which not only affected the interests of breeders, but also raised people's concerns about food safety. Health monitoring of poultry and livestock can provide early detection and prevention of outbreaks. The health status of animals on farms is particularly important. Timely body temperature detection and disease screening of animals on farms can timely and effectively screen animals with abnormal body temperature or infected with epidemic diseases, prevent cross-infection and spread of epidemic diseases, reduce the fatality rate of animals on farms and reduce economic losses, which is extremely important for modern breeding industry.

II. Monitoring Demand of Breeding Industry

In animal breeding industry, in order to realize information management of animal breeding industry, timely discover and deal with violations, and to ensure the safety of meat, in-depth to carry out the "safe meat" service system, in the farm installation inspection, slaughter, quarantine, disposal, and other key links to install monitoring equipment, implement the daily supervision and disposal etc information management.

Farms of chickens, ducks and geese, pigs, cattle and sheep and other livestock are warm-blooded, its body temperature is the main indicators reflect the status of monitor, the traditional temperature measurement methods for mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer individually tests, more time consuming, and easy to cause cross infection between animals, and large scale farms do not apply, as a kind of non-contact infrared thermal imaging technology condition of the temperature measurement technology, with its high temperature measurement precision, wide range, fast and high sensitivity advantages has been widely applied, it will not cause the stress response of the individual. With our infrared thermal imager and its supporting software and other farm animals temperature online monitoring equipment, can achieve animal 24-hour temperature detection, application of infrared thermal imager to get individual surface heat distribution graph, through the analysis can judge the degree of pathological changes and pathological changes, found that the temperature anomaly animal can prompt staff, and with the aid of visible light and supporting software to help staff to quickly find individual animals of abnormal temperature, to prevent epidemic worse, cross infection, and even spread. In addition, the joint swelling of pigs was correctly identified by infrared thermal imaging technology, the estrus point of sows was effectively measured, the subacute rumen acidosis of cows was effectively detected, and the foot-and-mouth disease virus infection of cattle was effectively detected.

III. Introduction of Monitoring Projects in Breeding Industry

Livestock breeding usually has large breeding sites, which are good places for monitoring. Beasts outbreaks in main monitoring requirements, for example, when breeding field the outbreak spread, in a short period of time will have a large number of cattle infected, livestock infected and uninfected livestock body temperature will appear obvious difference, similar to the people affected, temperature is significantly abnormal, according to this characteristic, we can accurately detect whether outbreak by monitoring equipment, and determine the severity of the disease, and pinpoint the location of the outbreak and livestock. Carry out harmless treatment in a timely manner to prevent the spread of the epidemic in a large area, reduce losses, and avoid large-scale human and animal epidemic spread of infection.