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China Shagang Met Yoseen Thermal Camera, Coal Shed Becomes More Safety

2020-08-31 11:01

Because the coal pile in the open air storage time is too long, easy to produce internal spontaneous combustion, the main reason is because of chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, emitting a lot of heat, coal backlog led to heat can not be released in time, it is very easy to spontaneous combustion phenomenon. The spontaneous combustion of coal pile will affect the quality of coal, cause economic loss and also have huge safety hidden danger. As one of the most important fuels for steel making in steel mills, coal is mainly used for coke making, blast furnace smelting and by-product coke oven gas. Bituminous coal and anthracite are used for blast furnace injection and used as fuel for heating furnace and boiler. The fuel coal of the steel mill is generally stacked in the large coal shed, the coal pile has the risk of spontaneous combustion, causing safety hidden trouble.


Infrared thermal camera can identify impending fires early and avoid loss of cargo. Infrared thermal camera temperature scale. Such non-contact temperature data can be displayed on a monitor or sent to an electronic storage device. The observer can clearly see the hot zone in real time on a remote video or computer remote monitor, knowing the specific temperature and location of the hot zone. The thermal camera can also determine the temperature of the alarm signal through the setting program, detect multiple target areas, and send different alarms. Alarm output can be transmitted directly to alarm devices, signalers, alarms, programmable logic controllers, or computer-based monitoring systems. When the alarm is emitted, the staff can verify the problem and the exact location of the alarm through the visual monitor. At present, the infrared thermal imaging technology matures, the temperature monitoring accuracy of plus or minus 2%, the infrared thermal camera can on coal surface temperature for 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring, patrol in reducing coal yard manpower at the same time, also can clear feedback for coal accumulation of heat and temperature changes, realize remote alarm, notify the field personnel to deal with temperature anomaly area, which can effectively prevent the spread of the coal spontaneous combustion area, eliminate the potential safety hazard.


Yoseen Infrared thermal imaging instrument has helped a number of large coal yard to implement safety monitoring projects such as underground coal mine collection, coal yard belt transmission and coal yard stacking. This time, Yoseen Infrared thermal imaging instrument entered China Shagang Group Co. Ltd. To help China Shagang large coal shed realize 24-hour safety monitoring of fuel coal pile, and give early warning to coal pile temperature rise, timely inform the staff, to curb the occurrence of hidden safety accidents of coal pile. The project installation site is shown in the figure below:


China Shagang Group Co. Ltd. large coal shed real scene map



China Shagang Group Co. Ltd. coal shed monitoring project thermal camera installation site


China Shagang Group Co. Ltd. coal shed monitoring project software control screen


The Yoseen Infrared dual-light explosion-proof infrared thermal camera installed in this project has the following characteristics:

★ Certification with explosion proof: Ex D IIC T6Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃;

★ Visible light, infrared thermal imaging, high-performance turntable, explosion-proof cover in one, no contact, accurate temperature measurement;

★ Suitable for a variety of combustible gas or dust in the presence of dangerous and adverse environment, can quickly find the ignition point through smoke, dust, and accurate judgment of concealed fire site range, early know, early prevention, early extinguish;

★ With special dual-light monitoring software, intelligent management platform, support automatic cruise mode, alarm linkage;

★ Single cable transmission infrared temperature and visible light image, support all kinds of NVR, network bandwidth consumption is low, flexible networking;

★ Including SDK package, support secondary development, differentiated customization, cost minimization