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Yoseen Thermal Camera -- to Inject New Technological Vitality Into Zinc-Germanium Electrolyzer Production

2020-09-09 09:45

Electrolytic nonferrous metals belong to high energy consumption industry, how to improve the operation efficiency and reduce the cost has always been the pain point of nonferrous metal smelting industry. The short circuit between electrolytic cell plates is a common fault in the electrolytic smelting industry, which seriously affects the electrolytic efficiency and the grade rate of the smelted metal. General plants have hundreds of electrolytic single groove, each single groove by dozens of positive and negative plate composition. In the actual working process, the positive and negative plates may be short-circuited and unable to be produced normally, resulting in the waste of electric energy and the accompanying dangerous situation. There are many reasons for inter-pole short circuit, such as:

Plate arrangement is not parallel;

Anode slime attached to cathode surface;

The pole plate is naturally bent or warped;

The additive ratio is out of balance, etc.

The current distribution on the plate is too large, the local magnetic field is too strong, and the temperature rises. Non-ferrous metal smelting industry urgently needs a kind of automatic detection method of detecting short-circuit phenomenon to realize cell electrode and electrolytic cell production workshop covers an area of big, wide scope of monitoring, to monitor the electrolyser production of large area, the efficient and timely find the plate short circuit hidden danger of temperature points, identify a specific hazard area and told the operator handle in time.


As a large domestic advanced non-ferrous metal smelting enterprise, Yunnan Chihong Zinc and Germanium Company has advanced technology in electrolysis of non-ferrous metals. Through the introduction of Online thermal imaging monitoring system for the production of Yoseen electrolysis cell, the improvement of the process of non-ferrous metals electrolysis is like icing on the cake, making it to the next level.


Project site and installation location of thermal camera



By means of thermal imaging equipment and special control software for electrolytic cell, by means of machine vision, Yoseen efficiently completes the inspection of all single cells in the factory, accurately locates the location of short-circuit plate, and notifies the factory to overhaul and replace it, thus improving the operation efficiency. Electrolytic cell online monitoring system based on infrared thermal camera, by detecting plate temperature to determine the short circuit between the plate location, using the thermal infrared image of thermal camera to collect cell, the infrared thermal image by computer processing to obtain the temperature anomaly pixels, analysis the background analysis software processing, positioning the location of the actual fault electrode temperature too high, so as to find the actual fault solve short-circuit fault detection area plate position, will be able to connect software Settings and alarm temperature real-time alarm. The monitoring process is completed by automatic control of the system. Compared with the traditional manual detection, it has high efficiency and timeliness, and reduces the cost of manpower and energy consumption.


Yoseen electrolytic cell produces on-line thermal imaging monitoring system

The system characteristics

1. Automatic global detection, locating abnormal areas and output reports;

2. The orbital robot can be carried on a larger range of detection;

3. Linkage with PLC to determine whether the groove is too high temperature and short circuit;

4. Automatically standardize the process and save manpower and material resources.