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Double Sections Traveling, Yoseen Takes You to See the World with Temperature

2020-10-12 09:09

The Mid-Autumn festival in 2020 is a rare double celebration when it meets National Day. I wish you a happy and successful holiday. This time, Yoseen small you will take the thermal imager to travel, take you to see the infrared world is not the same.


1. Let's go for the holiday! How can you find someone in the fog?

If the weather is not good, some provinces and cities will have rain and fog weather. On the way to travel, you may encounter poor visibility and it is difficult to find people or obstacles in front of you. What should you do at this time when the risk of traffic accidents is high? Not afraid! We have the weather artifact, the infrared thermograph.

Picked up the auxiliary driving system of infrared thermal imager can enhance driver or bad weather conditions in the night vision, in the dark or bad weather conditions, such as fog rain, through the system with the core of the image processing technique, can real-time display drive target, observation to identify supply driver, improved driving safety factor, the personal property security. Infrared thermography allows drivers to detect obstacles at a distance of 500 metres, enabling them to identify driving paths, pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles more quickly.


2. The beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers with temperature has a unique charm

Driving for a while, take a break, see the scenery in the distance, mountains and trees under the lens of the thermal camera, the temperature is high or low. In contrast, the exposed rocks are warmer, the trees cooler, the recessed valleys cooler, and the scenery along the way is more interesting to record with an infrared lens.


3. Forest fire found in front, please deal with it in time!

Being fiddled with the Yoseen infrared thermal imager, suddenly found that the distant forest appeared abnormal high temperature, as a result of the previous preset high temperature alarm threshold, immediately sent out the alarm signal, the front fire is difficult to detect by the naked eye or visible light camera, this infrared thermal imager can calculate a work!

Forest fires are often caused by small fires that are not obvious, so it is difficult to find these hidden fires in time. After the fire is put out, there may still be underground hidden fires, which are easy to cause resurgent fires. Forest climate complex, rain fog or flame smoke often cover the initial fire, causing the fire to spread faster and become a disaster. Infrared thermography has the ability to penetrate smoke and overcome rain and fog, and can effectively detect the real ignition point and the spreading trend of fire.



4. The hair of the small animals in the infrared lens is clearly visible and extremely cute

Finally to the scenic spot! The monkeys in the scenic area warmly welcome the tourists. The monkeys and dogs under the lens of Yoseen infrared thermal imaging instrument have distinct hair and are clearly visible. The temperature distribution of the small animals' bodies is also clear at a glance


5. Will shooting people with infrared thermography penetrate clothing and violate privacy?

Some people have expressed concern that if they take pictures of tourists and pedestrians with thermal cameras, they might not be able to take pictures of themselves or invade their privacy through their clothes.

The principle of infrared thermal imaging is by receiving by detecting infrared radiation energy of the object, and then into our naked eye can see infrared image, affected by the weather and light is small, but can not penetrate walls, only can penetrate more frivolous clothes or plastic bags, penetration effect is limited, as shown in the figure below, the infrared thermal imager and not through clothing photographed tourists body, can only through the thin plastic material, such as the middle tourists wearing transparent plastic raincoat, thermal imager saw his pants through a plastic raincoat. So, for the most part, you don't have to worry about it.


6. How to quickly find a lost friend or animal in the forest?

Happy scenic area day tour is coming to an end, the small friend found the peer lost one person one dog, but it is getting dark scenic area to close, everyone is very anxious, the mountain signal is not good small friend back to the news, only know them in front of a forest play can not find people how to do? No hurry. We have an infrared thermograph.

According to the design principle of the infrared thermal imager, as long as there is a temperature difference, the infrared thermal image of the infrared thermal imager will be displayed in different colors. The lower the temperature is, the darker the color will be; on the contrary, the higher the temperature is, the brighter the color will be. If someone gets lost in a dark forest, their body temperature is higher than that of the surrounding environment, which will be highlighted on the infrared thermal imager. In this way, searchers can quickly and accurately find the lost person in the forest and carry out the rescue.

In this way, small excellent with Yoseen infrared heat like instrument happy had a good day, to see a different temperature horizon, once again wish you happy double festival, happy period.